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That's The Way It Is 8 CD + 2 DVD Box Set.

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Elvis Presley : Original Album Classics 5 CD Set


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Elvis Presley : Original Album Classics. This set contains the following five Elvis Presley albums; Elvis Presley, Elvis, Loving You, Elvis Is Back and G.I. Blues - Each CD is nicely presented in individual sleeves. Oddly, or uniquely this set states 'stereo' on the front cover even though three of the five albums are from the 50s and in mono, and on each of the these three mono albums (and they are in mono) the words 'Stereo Effect Reprocessed From Monophonic' are printed on the front cover. Why this is we don't know, perhaps a mistake or perhaps deliberate to attract the collectors.


The Elvis Presley cover from the set, above that a close up of the text.

Elvis Presley Original Album Classics 5 CD Box Set

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