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Elvis: Return to Tupelo DVD


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PAL For Australia & Europe Region 0 (Free) Elvis: Return to Tupelo is a 90 minute program narrated by Kris Kristofferson, plus one hour of bonus features.

Elvis Presley Video Video : Preview : Elvis Return To Tupelo DVD

Preview video for the Return To Tupelo DVD.

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Elvis News Latest Audio (and video) updates : Video courtesy of Elvis Presley Video Elvis Presley Video Central.

Above, View two preview video's of the new Elvis : Return To Tupelo DVD a 90 minute program, plus one hour of bonus features. Understanding the Elvis phenomenon, and his impact on the world, requires going back to his origins in rural Tupelo, Mississippi where he grew up as one of the poorest boys in town. His emergence on the scene represented a seismic shift in the culture - race, sex and class. What happened here set the stage for him to become the star that still shines brightly today.

The documentary handles Elvis' youth in Tupelo and Memphis, his rise to stardom until the 1956 Tupelo show, hence the name. The story is narrated by Kris Kristofferson and a lot of known people are interviewed: DJ Fontana, Gordon Stoker, George Klein, but also childhood friends, historians, journalists and girlfriends like June Juanico, Magdalene Morgan and Dixie Locke. The filming of Elvis related spots has been done very professional and the editing is high class. The story is told in a way that makes you sit out the 90 minutes easily. It gives a perfect view on those days in the 30s, 40s and 50s and it really makes you understand where Elvis was coming from.

Teenagers in the 1950s and '60s turned Elvis Presley into an icon as his shaking hips and snarling lips sent rock 'n' roll shockwaves around the world. His emergence on the scene represented a seismic shift in the culture wars over race, sex and class. The story of Elvis lies at the heart of a struggle that gives birth to a new form of music, rock 'n' roll, and an America that is forever changed.

Understanding the Elvis phenomenon, and his impact on the world, requires going back to his origins in rural Tupelo, Mississippi where he grew up as one of the poorest boys in town. What happened here set the stage for him to become the star that still shines brightly today.

Elvis Australia has watched this DVD and can highly recommend it. It has good quality production and is very good viewing. The documentary is made by Michael Rose, who has made over 200 shows that have aired around the world. A very big pro is that Rose managed to get hold of some pictures we have never seen before.

Kris Kristofferson was asked if he would be interested to narrate this DVD. Kris asked to see the script and he liked it, so he agreed to do it. He's an Elvis fan and after the narration recording session, he said it was 'an honor' to do it. He felt it was respectful. Elvis recorded three of Kris Kristofferson's songs; For The Good Times, Why Me Lord and Help Me Make It Through The Night.

Our conclusion is that this is one of the best documentaries on Elvis we have ever seen, if not the best.

Go get it!

Bonus footage:

The DVD is filled with comments of lots of experts and people who where eye witnesses to the events, added with unique and historic footage from the difficult years in the Deep South. This movie is made by professional filmmaker and Elvis fan Michael Rose. It is obvious that this project is made with a heart for the subject.

An extra bonus DVD with 60min of features is added. We already knew the chapter titles, but now that we have seen the disc, we can tell you more about the content.

Elvis week / Elvis festival

Dedicated to us, the Elvis fans, with an overview of the yearly festivities that are held in Memphis and Tupelo.

The Alamo Girls

Seven girlfriends from Alamo, TN are out on an adventure when they travel to Tupelo in September 1956 to see Elvis perform during the fair. The seven teenagers can be seen on almost every footage and picture that is made during the concert. They are all standing on the front row and some of the girls are now telling about their special trip. We also see photos from their private album with pictures they made from the front row.

Sun Records Line up

A brief overview of the other artists that became famous due to Sun Records.

Elvis meets Bill Monroe

Bill Monroe, composer of ‘Blue Moon Of Kentucky', met Elvis at the Grand Ol' Opry in Nashville. The audience was not overwhelmed by the way Elvis performed their favourite country waltz.

DJ Fontana: Elvis on TV

Elvis' first drummer recollects some memories about the various TV-appearances at the Milton Berle, Steve Allen and Ed Sullivan shows. He goes in to detail about why Elvis did not like Steve Allen

Sneaking into the Fair

Elvis' childhood friend tells the story about how they sneaked in to the fair because they could not afford a ticket.

Memories of the Colonel

A short portrait of Elvis' 'controversial' manager.

George Klein remembers the Coach

Elvis was a for a short time a member of the Humes High Football team, but he quit because he did not like the coach. George Klein tells the story when Elvis and the coach met each other again when he was already a star.

June Juanico & Dixie Locke: first date

Two of Elvis' first girlfriends share their stories about being Elvis' date.

Magdalene Morgan's Christmas gift

During elementary school, Magdalena was Elvis' little girlfriend. She tells about the Christmas gift she got from him.

Mike Freeman: owning Elvis' house

Mike Freeman bought the house on Audubon drive that once belonged to Elvis in 1988. He tells about how it was to live in Elvis' home.

Debunking the myth that Elvis was a Racist

In the beginning of Elvis' career, a rumour was spread that Elvis was a racist. This came from an article, published in the SEPIA magazine. The JET magazine wrote that the rumour was a lie.

Elvis enters the Army newsreel

Original news broadcast about Elvis entering the army.

Elvis leaves the Army newsreel

Original news broadcast about Elvis leaving the army.

Elvis gets married newsreel

Original news broadcast about Elvis' marriage.

Tupelo tornado newsreel

Very rare footage about the Tupelo tornado disaster in the 40's.

'Washington Merry-Go-Round' Elvis Controversy newsreel

Probably the most interesting chapter on the bonus disc.

The program ‘Washington Merry-Go-Round' was all about important political news. This episode however was about the controversies around Elvis.

In this complete 12min show from 1956, Elvis life story until then is told. The program concludes with a ‘prediction' about Elvis' career. He is compared with educated and decent artists such as and Frank Sinatra. Elvis is advised to get rid of all the vulgarity if he does not want his star to fall as fast as it came up.

To understand the person behind Elvis, his musical preferences and his choices, it is important to discover the roots of this all. For the first time ever, all these facts are portrayed in such a detailed and interesting way!

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