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Rough Guide To Elvis 2004 - Elvis Presley Book

Rough Guide To Elvis 2004 - Elvis Presley Book

No Longer Available

The new edition of The Rough Guide to Elvis is an absolutely essential book for any Elvis fan. Paul Simpson is with out doubt one of the very best there is at writing about Elvis as anyone that reads Paul's articles for Elvis Australia will know. All aspects of Elvis' history is examined in this 474 page book, his life, his music, his influences, his movies, as well as Simpson's personal pick of Elvis' 50 essential songs. While the size of the book has been slightly increased to allow for new and updated information it is still the perfect travelling companion. But this book, you wont regret it!

This book is one of the most impressive Elvis books I have ever read. Over the years, like countless other Elvis fans, I have owned or read dozens of books about the King. So, by now, readers would think they have read most of what is known about him. Wrong. This book is loaded with stories and facts that I have not seen elsewhere.In fact, even Peter Guralnick's books (ie: "Last Train..". "Careless Love"), do not have some of the information that is contained in this book. For instance, I didn't know that Elvis and his father were going to testify in a FBI case involving them being scammed out of $950,000 (over the purchase of the Jetstar airplane Elvis bought). The author points out that this can be found in public FBI files. Yet no other book has every mentioned it. I could go on and on. There are highlighted pages devoted to Elvis concerning race, girls he was involved with, an untold story that occured when he was 16, etc. The chapters are broken up into segments: his life, his music, influences, people who influenced him, his essential albums, essential songs, etc. I strongly recommend this book. You will not be disappointed. It is among the top three books I have ever read on Elvis. Absolutely essential.

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