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Elvis Presley Paternity Suit - Book & DVD

Elvis Presley Paternity Suit - Book & DVD

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NTSC for USA and Canada No Region coding. Elvis Presley - Paternity Suit contains a 100 page hardcover book and DVD. Both examine in detail the paternity suit brought against Elvis by Patricia Parker in the early 1970s. Both book and DVD contain the complete story with in-depth details, hidden camera photos, legal documents, court rulings, medical records, official F.B.I. files, polygraph and blood tests, media reports, firsthand accounts from eye-witnesses, as well as numerous recorded statements from Elvis himself that have never been revealed until now. 

The DVD continues the record of quality documentaries as found in the Elvis - Behind The Image Vol. 1 and 2 and Adrenaline Vol 1 and 2 DVDs. There is plenty of quality 8 mm footage of Elvis live on stage to make the DVD enjoyable even to those not overly interested in the Paternity Suit. Any production that includes photos from Sandy Miller and comments from Kathy Westmoreland is worth a look.

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This set is now available at the special price of $89.95 (Book and DVD) for a limited time only.

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For Elvis Presley - Paternity Suit the print has again the same quality standard like the National Geographic magazines do. The cleaning and restoration of the pictures was done by a professional graphic artist. Due to the graphic artist mainly restores old pictures, the results are in the best quality you can possibly get. Just as the other releases, this book will get a protection glaze. This ensures that especially on pictures with dark areas, possible grease spots or finger prints don't remain on the pages. In that way you have even after several time of runnning over the pages, the impression of holding a completely new book in your hands.

Elvis Presley - Paternity Suit - Elvis Presley Book

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