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Elvis ŕ Paris : Elvis Book

Elvis ŕ Paris : Elvis Book

No longer available

The renewed version of the picture book Elvis ŕ Paris is out now. This release is an upgrade off the first release from a few years ago. A huge amount of unreleased material has popped up after the first edition of the book was published. The selection of newly discovered pictures was so huge, that after the book was printed, they added an appendix with even more great pictures.

Elvis Presley PictureElvis Presley's arrival in Paris was an exceptional event; although he had to go to Germany to discharge his military obligations, the capital of France is the only one outside the US where he went of his own free will. What's more he came to Paris three times! He often told those close to him that his trips to Paris were among his best memories.

Forty years have passed...This book, through snapshots that are sometimes surprising and often remarkable, is the only account of Elvis Presley's trips to Paris. Elvis A Paris is a wonderful book with high quality Elvis photos and is highly recomended.

Hardcover 22.5 cm x 31 cm

Elvis A Paris - Elvis Presley Book

Elvis Presley Picture Elvis Presley Picture

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