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Elvis : The Concert Years 1969-1977 Book

Elvis : The Concert Years 1969-1977 Book


There are so many good things to say about this book, Elvis The Concert Years 1969 - 1977, that a review seems rather unnecessary, but excellent material deserves praise and any fans of the concert years has to have this book on his shelf. Somehow Mr. Skar realized the impossible and produced the BEST Elvis Presley book ever available on the concert years from 1969 to 1977, this is now the reference on the subject ....

Buy it, enjoy it; I am sure you will not regret it! Last copies!

Read our Elvis The Concert Years Book review

Elvis The Concert Years 1969-1977 : Elvis Presley Book

Where to begin? There are so many good things to say about that book that a review seems rather unnecessary, but excellent material deserves praise and any fans of the concert years has to have this book on his shelf. Mr. Skar certainly worked long hours for several years before having that book published, this is extremely well organized and more importantly,VERY accurate.

A few books on this era had surfaced along the years but ALL of them contained too many errors, of which some are totally unforgivable considering how basic was the information, moreover the 'other books' suffered from lack of informations on many levels. Yes, there are a few mistakes here and there in the book, but a work of such magnitude couldn't be possibly mistakes free from beginning to end, yet Mr. Skar produced the reference on the subject and there are no contenders near the throne.

There are really something for everybody in the book, you have different press reviews that were originally published in the different cities where Elvis performed, this is also beautifully illustrated with LOTS of Elvis Presley photographs in each chapter, and all from famous photographers like; Sean Shaver, Bob Heis and Keith Alverson among others, may I also add that the details about the photographs are accurate and noticed that only a few aren't located in the good chapter or wrongly dated.

At the end of the book, there are all kind of datas related to every concert tours including the jumpsuits worn by Elvis for every shows from 1970 to 1977, here too there are only a few errors, which is also surprising considering that it's not so easy for gathering all the exact informations related to that, these details about jumpsuits aren't given for Vegas and Tahoe, but this is quite understandable as details for all performances in Vegas and Tahoe aren't available or not documented anywhere.Another part of interest at the end of the book, you can find listings of songs that Elvis performed for each Vegas, Tahoe or on tour venues,this is not a listing for every show but mainly a listing of the songs used frequently by Elvis for a particular stand, with extra details on songs rarely sung during that same stand, and in some cases one liners are also mentioned.

Somehow Mr. Skar realized the impossible and produced the BEST Elvis book ever available on the concert years from 1969 to 1977, this is now the reference on the subject and any books that has been released in the past on this period in Elvis' career are pale in comparison, and suffice is to say that future projects on the same theme will have to suffer the comparison too. Who knows? Perhaps Mr. Skar will be able to top himself if he decides to update it in several years from now, until then I HIGHLY recommend that book to any fans of the best performer that ever lived on the face of this earth. Review by The Crazy Canuck.

'Elvis The Concert Years' can be found in both our Photo books and information books sections as it fits both descriptions and is highly recommended.

Reviewed by Geoffrey Mc Donnell

Stein Erik Skar first published this book in Norweigen in 1992. Back then it was still an excellent book to English readers because of the SUPERB Colour pictures, concert song and stage wear listings. In 1997 an up-dated English Text version was published and very well received too. For those of you out there still wondering whether this book is worth buying hopefully my review should help you make up your mind!

This is a larger than A4 sized book with 272 pages printed on GOOD quality paper.The up-dated and expanded version here was published by Erik Skar and Paul Grunland in 1997. This version certainly is better with added information about the songs performed and corrections to 'stage wear' listings , such as for 1976 telling which one of the 2 different Bi-Centennial suits he was wearing at each show. I found some of the beautiful large full page photos from the previous edition are represented here as much smaller photos (i.e. the Indian Feather picture from the 31.5.75 A/S) Also most of the 'classic' concerts from the 70's are not given the 'run down'-(like in the last printing) yet both the 11.12.76 M/S and the 26.6.77 show are examined in detail. This Book covers the time period from July 1969 - October 1977. Every Tour, Las Vegas, Tahoe Season is covered here with each chapter covering one such Season or tour or in the case of the Pontiac 31.12.75 show (Event). Each chapter is nicely presented with a fair balanced Text, FULL PAGE photos as well and the BEST examples of the many PRESS REVIEWS . Here in this book you will find 98% of all the best information in one place about his on stage concerts with many,many superb Colour Photos.

In this edition Highlights would have to be the 1.8.71 M/S photo on page 34, The 'Gold Vine' Suit photo from 1974 on page 102 and a Full page photo of the 'Memphis Suit' from the 20.3.74 show on page 106. Many were seen in the 1992 edition such as the 'King of Spades' photo from the 28.3.77 show, but are still very worthy (reflecting that time) again here. Las Vegas this time has Great photos from his last 3 shows (i.e. the 11.12.76 D/S,11.12.76 M/S and 12.12.76 closing show.) Also the DETAILS of this Dec 76' Season in this book are VERY detailed and a satisfying read.

I couldn't find many 'negative' things to say about this book at all. So starting with the Suits he was wearing It is now generally accepted that for Elvis's opening 2.12.75 show he was wearing the V-Neck Puffy Sleeves Suit yet in this book we are told it's the INDIAN FEATHER SUIT!- (Wrong!) At the 16.10.76 show Elvis was wearing the 'Red Eagle' suit , not just a White Suit!. While most listings of songs performed 'on tour' or at Nevada Seasons are very detailed and extensive the Lake Tahoe 1976 Season listing misses quite a few! i.e. CRYING IN THE CHAPEL, LOVING YOU from the 6.5.76 show and ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT from the 7.5.76 M/S! Maybe they didn't have all the tapes at hand to listen too when the book was written?.

Reading Stein Erik Skars text NOTHING IMPORTANT is LEFT OUT . If the show was good he says so, if it was poor, he says so. If the tour (as a whole) was O.K. again a balanced view explains why. Elvis was of 'unique' Calibre! and if you haven't bought this book already-then buy it now - ESSENTIAL Reading for all Elvis fans in 2000!, and certainly worth spending your cash on- you WILL NOT be disappointed.

By Loes de Vries, Apr 13, 2002

Skar has written numerous articles about Elvis in magazines and newspapers and followed Elvis' career closely through the years. The first edition of this book was published in 1992 in Norway. This 1997 edition is an expanded version of the original.

This beautiful hard-cover book contains 271 pages and is absolutely the bible for Elvis fans, who wants to know all about the concert years. It describes Elvis 'stage-career' from 1969 until 1977 from various sources, including personal reviews of experiencing Elvis live on stage.

Through a short foreword Skar walks with us from 1960 to 1969, telling us what we all know already by heart, but after this one page you really start to wonder how this writer knows so much about the years in Vegas and about our man.

Really every concert has its own place in the book. Often completed with nice details, pieces of conversation and other wanna-knows. From every tour, and every one of the 1128 concerts, you can find which musicians were there, which suits Elvis wore, reviews from the press, track listings, warm-up acts, one-liners, solo numbers by other musicians and of course loads and loads of wonderful photos. More the 220 photos, mostly full colour, are in this inspiring book. More then 100 are full size: 23/28 cm. and of a stunning quality. Compared to other photo books (which this not really is, thanks to the tons of information), this is really the finest and complete overview we've ever seen about the seventies.

Photos were taken by: Ed Bonja, Georg Hill, Judy Palmer, Steve Toli, Sean Shaver, Len Leech, Robert R. Heis, Yngvar Holm, Keith Alverson, Tom McAllister, Sue MacCasland, Pal Graslund, Stein Eirk Skar, John Herman, Barbara Hoster, Rick Henso, Charlotte Spence, Georgann Reynolds

The last part of the book consists of an extensive collection of statistical material. It has taken the author more than 15 years to collect the information for this book. The result is a thoroughly researched book where every aspect of Elvis' concert activities is treated in an honest and serious manner.

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