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Elvis - 200 Cadillacs R4 PAL DVD

Elvis - 200 Cadillacs R4 PAL DVD

No longer available

pal.gif Region 4 Elvis - 200 Cadillacs - Elvis Presley DVD - The generosity of Elvis Presley has been well-documented, but no one before has focused on his favorite gift of choice: a shiny new Cadillac. Now, candid and personal interviews with many of the recipients of these automobiles and other extraordinary gifts paint a touching and funny portrait of a man who continues to be cherished by millions.

200 Cadillacs features Elvis Presley's original drummer, D.J. Fontana; back-up singers Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires and Myrna Smith of the Sweet Inspirations; personal nurse Marian Cocke; longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson; karate instructor Kang Rhee; Cadillac salesmen Joey Abel and Ernie Barrasso; personal assistant Jerry Schilling with Over 200 photos of Elvis during different periods of his life, including many never before seen from private collection.

Drawing on interviews with Elvis' close friends, people who received Cadillacs from The King and Cadillac salesmen, the documentary is riveting viewing thanks to its intriguing subject matter, tight editing and a wonderful music soundtrack.

The documentary features more than 200 photos of Elvis, many of them previously unpublished, and there are some great shots to look at.

There are many wonderful stories in 200 Cadillacs. Apart from its titular focus, the documentary goes beyond just the giving of Cadillacs to Elvis the humanitarian and Elvis the emotionally concerned friend. The stories include Elvis' response to the death of a friend's brother, an incident involving Myrna Smith, Elvis and a $30,000 Diamond Ring, and drama concerning the first TCB Necklace. 200 Cadillacs is an important documentary shedding much needed light on an often overlooked part of the Elvis Presley story. With a persuasive narrative, fine editing and an in your face soundtrack, it is highly recommended for both the casual fan and serious student of The King. 200 Cadillacs ranks as one of the best Elvis documentaries ever made.

Elvis - 200 Cadillacs - Elvis Presley DVD

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