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The Essential Elvis - The First Movies CD

The Essential Elvis - The First Movies CD

No longer available

The Essential Elvis - The First Movies is the first CD in the Elvis Presley Essential CD series and features songs from Elvis presley's first three movies - Love Me Tender, Loving You & Jailhouse Rock.

The CD begings with the Love Me Tender cuts. Poor Boy, Let Me, and We're Gonna Move all sound very primitive, but that is their charm. Poor Boy is a slowed down rockabilly style song & all three songs are just great. I'll skip ahead to the Jailhouse Rock material. These songs are ones more people may be familiar with. Besides, of course, the title cut, it's flip side Treat Me Nice is on here (a hit in it's own right) plus popular cuts I Wanna Be Free, Don't Leave Me Now, and (perhaps best of all) You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care). What's really great about this however ever is they also include an alternate version of the title cut that was taken directly from the movie, where all the "cell mates" shout out lines inbetween Elvis' lyrics. In my opinion, this version is better than the well-known one.

With the Loving You tracks, they also put in a couple alternate takes that had background singing in them. Party and Mean Woman Blues are both presented in both regular & alternate versions and again, in my opinion, the alternate Mean Woman Blues is much better. With all the girls screaming in the background, the song has a "recorded live" feel to it. On their own, the Loving You cuts stand up. Lonesome Cowboy, Hot Dog, Got a Lotta Lovin' to Do, and the two songs listed above rank up there with Elvis' best stuff. Paul McCartney even saw fit to cover Party on his latest cd.

All in all, if you are going to invest in Elvis Presley beyond the greatest hits cd's, The Essential Elvis - The First Movies is certainly a great place to start!

The Essential Elvis - The First Movies - Elvis Presley CD

1. Love Me Tender 2. Let Me 3. Poor Boy 4. We're Gonna Move 5. Loving You (unreleased slow version, take 10) 6. Party (unreleased version) 7. Hot Dog 8. Teddy Bear 9. Loving You (unreleased fast version takes 20 & 21) 10. Mean Woman Blues (alternate film version) 11. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do (unreleased version) 12. Loving You (unreleased fast version, take 1) 13. Party 14. Lonesome Cowboy 15. Jailhouse Rock (unreleased with vocal overdub, take 6) 16. Treat Me Nice (unreleased version, take 10) 17. Young And Beautiful (unreleased version take 12) 18. Don't Leave Me Now (original version, take 12) 19. I Want To Be Free (original version, take 11) 20. Baby I Don't Care (original version take 16, vocal overdub, take 6) 21. Jailhouse Rock (unreleased version, take 5) 22. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do 23. Loving You (unreleased slow version, take 1) 24. Mean Woman Blues 25. Loving You (unreleased fast version, take 8) 26. Treat Me Nice 27. Love Me Tender (unreleased version)

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