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Articles Please review these most common questions before proceeding to our Contact page.

Note! How To use The Shopping Cart New page link

Note! What Payment methods are available?
Note! How much will postage cost me
Note! How can I check the status of my order?
Note! Which items are in stock? : In Stock & Special Order Explained
Note! Returns and Damaged items?
Note! Valuation : How Much Is My Collection Worth?
Note! When will you charge my card?
Note! Do you accept international orders? (Yes!)
Note! Is it safe to use my credit card on-line? (Yes!)
Note! Can you please explain DVD Region Coding?
Note! What is PAL & NTSC for DVDs?
Q: What Payment methods are available?
A: Elvis Presley Shop : For Elvis Fans Only accepts the following payment methods ....

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Australian Bankcard

Offline Payments - If you do not have a credit card we can set up an 'Account' for you so you so you can order on-line and then send payment by Australia Post Money order or by Direct Bank transfer/deposit (Within Australia only.)

Note! Credit Cards : Visa, MasterCard and American Express
Note! Pay-Pal
--- (Upon application) : International Customers (2% surcharge applies)
Note! Australia Post Money Orders --- (Upon application) (Australia only)

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Q. How Much Will Postage Cost Me?
A. The postage for an order will be shown in the checkout after you have entered your address (Before entering your credit card details.) The postage cost is calculated on the weight destination. At this time due to time restraints we cannot advise you of the cost by email, you must proceed through the checkout to calculate this. We find that people that feel the need to ask, do not buy anyway !!!
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Q. How can I check the Status of my order?
A. The simplest way is to 'reply to' the email receipt you received after ordering which a written request. The email has all the relevant information so is easy for us too to then answer you quickly.

You can also use the when order status link found on the page.

Which ever way you choose try to give us as much information as possible, like what you ordered.

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In Stock & Special Order Explained
If an item is in stock it will have an 'In Stock' indicator.

This indicator is operated manually so can never be 100% accurate but it is none the less a very good guide.

Needless to say if there is no 'In Stock' indicator on an item then the item is not in stock.

Yet to be released items are marked 'Pre-Order' (With a date if known.)

Pease note that if you order 'pre-order' or 'out of stock' items together with 'in stock items' we will not send any part of the order until all items are available. The amount of time it takes to get an item in can vary.

You should place separate orders for items if you do not want to wait.

The In Stock indicator.

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Valuation : How Much Is My Collection Worth?
A. Sorry we do not give valuations. We sell items intended for enjoyment, not investment.
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Q. When will you charge my credit card?
A. Credit cards are authorized when an order is placed. There are several reasons for this. The first; this way, it is possible to guarantee the price shown in individual currencies is the one you actually end up with on your card statement, where it could change if charged later due to currency fluctuations, second; the increasing number of orders we can't send because we can't get authorization after we have assembled an order : (having specially ordered items in for people.) And third, the cost of procesing each order twice.
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International Orders
Yes! we do accept orders form all Countries!
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Credit Card Security (Is it safe to use my credit card?)
A. Yes! We want to ensure you that you can shop with complete confidence online. We have taken every possible measure to provide a secure transaction environment for commerce on the Internet. Our e-commerce system uses Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL) to ensure your shopping experience is safe, sound and secure at all times. SSL locks all information passed from you to us in an encrypted envelope. This makes it almost impossible to be intercepted by an unauthorized party, as long as your browser and local network support the use of encrypted data transmissions. SSL is the system that is used by all reputable e-commerce sites. The industry standard for encryption technology, SSL is compatible with Netscape, Internet Explorer, AOL, Web TV and most other browsers. You will know when transmitted data is safe by the appearance of a security notice when you enter a secure page. Also, a secure icon will appear on your browser. For Netscape, this is a key icon; for Microsoft Internet Explorer, a lock icon.

PCI Compliance

PCI ComplianceElvis Australia is proud to announce the introduction of new State-of-the-Art Technology to our online shop, providing you with 100% security. With the new system at no time do we or anyone see your credit card details. On placing an order, our bank communicates directly with your bank to verify your card as yours, verifies the accuracy of the card number, expiry date and that the card is authorized for use (Some banks, particularly those in the USA, block transactions outside their country, although with this new system this will be very uncommon as it is the highest rated system.) Unlike third party providers like PayPal who store your details on their servers, our new system does not! We must mention, that even with our 'old' system, in ten years there has never been a problem. In fact Elvis Australia's quality record is held in such high regard we have been fast tracked into this new system and placed as a high priority provider by our new merchant banking partner, BWAMS.

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DVD Region Coding
A. See our web page : About Region Coding
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Q. What is PAL & NTSC?
A. See our web page - About PAL & NTSC.
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How To use The Shopping Cart
A. We have created a special page explaining step by step how to buy from our shop.
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Express Post
Most orders within Australia (Not Melbourne metro) with a postage amount of $8.95 or more are sent by Express Post for next day delivery. Most orders of two items or more will have a postage amount of $9.95 or higher. Orders sent by Express Post are not necessarily sent the same day you place an order with us. If your order has a postage amount under $9.95, you can request it be sent Express Post within Australia by adding the request in the 'additional comments field' when ordering.
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Cancellation Policy
1. Items ordered that are offered as pre-order cannot be canceled once the item is on the way to us.
2. We have began preparing for the delivery.
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Returns Policy
You may request to return an item to us as long as it has not been specially imported for you or was pre-ordered. The simple way to know this is to look at the 'In stock' indicator, if the item is 'In stock' when you ordered you may return it at your expense. We will refund the full amount of the item but not the postage.

However it is at our discretion as to if we will accept a particular item for return as there are many factors that may dictate [as indicated above] why we may not be in a position to accept the item back.

Damaged items

In the case of damaged items you must return the damaged item to us at your expense and we will either replace the item at no cost to you or refund the total amount in full - depending on your preference.

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Privacy Policy
We collect data such as your email address and IP address, when you contact us.

We also collect other security related data when you order from our online shop.

We will not to give your email to anyone else unless you have asked us for help and we are referring you to someone that we believe can provide that help. We retain the right to add any email provided to us to a mailing list run exclusively by Elvis Australia. We maintain the right to use any correspondence we receive on our website. If you do not want your name or information you provide us made public please let us know in advance. If you mention clearly you want it to be private or anonymous we promise to honor your wishes.

Shop Orders : Usually we send items out ourselves however some items (Such as our Watches Shop] are sent direct from our supplier(s). We will give your delivery address out only to our delivery agent, as mentioned above, acting on our behalf for sending of items ordered from our online shop.

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